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Redefining Physical Therapy.

Injuries happen, whether it’s in sports, everyday life, or simply bad luck. There is no avoiding aches and pains, so do not beat yourself up over it. Instead, channel that frustration into taking action. Don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here.

There is no such thing as “bullet proofing” or “injury proofing” yourself, it is a catchy tagline but also misleading. What you can do is make yourself more resilient to injury and decrease your chance of injury. A term I much prefer, with more truth behind it, is “injury mitigation”.

Physical therapy is a valuable tool for everyone. If you are someone dealing with an injury whether it’s recent or long standing, physical therapy can be your white knight. Physical therapy can teach you how to take control of your body to return to a pain free existence, as intended.

If you are injury free and taking part in life to the fullest, that's great, you're likely doing a lot of things right whether you are aware of it or not. Even so, physical therapy can be a great tool to even further increase resistance to injury, improve the timeliness in which you get over an injury, and improve self management of injury when it occurs.

If you are an injury free athlete looking to improve performance, physical therapy can be a great tool to unlock further athletic potential, improve movement efficiency, and of course for injury mitigation.

In summary, injuries happen, but don’t let them stand in your way. Physical therapy can and should be for everyone. Whether you’re an athlete looking to reap the benefits of untapped potential or a 9-5 desk jockey dealing with stubborn neck stiffness, BioPerfomance Physical Therapy is here for you.

Meet the Owner

My name is Ray Zolman and I am a doctor of physical therapy. I graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2017 with my Bachelors in Health Sciences and my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

I have dedicated my life as a Physical Therapist to helping individuals improve the way they move, exercise, train, and perform. I have worked with people from all walks of life, from the geriatric population to high-level athletes. I have treated Division 1 baseball pitchers, Division 1 college basketball players, Olympic marathon runners, college fencers and many others. With highly active people like this there can be a high risk of injury if they are not taking care of their bodies.

I have had great success figuring out what each sport involves and what mobility is required for it. When athletes know exactly what their sport demands from their bodies and are able to implement that information into an exercise program, their movement capacities vastly improve. I have a strong belief that everyone has untapped movement potential and my goal with Bioperformance is to help you unlock it and utilize it.

~~ Dr. Raymond Zolman PT, DPT, CSCS

Portrait of Dr. Ray Zolman
Dr. Ray Zolman